Where star dust can be used for the greater good of meaningful beauty.

Make-Up Artistry

Some say that your face is the gate to your soul – and is the first place on the body people tend to see first. For many of us make up artistry is one of the ways we can enhance our appearance instantly. Let us show you your "extra" side by adding on mua services to you hair appointment or booking an mua service seperatly.

Brows (Mua) 5
Brows (Razor) 10

Brows (Razor + Mua) 15

Mustache (Razor) 10

Face (Razor) 25

Brows (Color Only) 20

Brows (Single Process) 30

Eyeshadow 5
Eyeliner Winged Cat Eyeliner 10
Eyelashes (Strips) 15
Star Dust Beat 50
Star Light Beat 70